Tuesday, April 17, 2007

365 Days - Pix of Libraries

Libraryman has started something. As a meta-community effort, he has created a flickr picture group (365libs) , featuring photos from people who have committed to upload 365 images of their libraries in the next year. Doesn't have to be one image per day, just 365 total for the year.

The meta-community (my coinage) is formed by seeing everyone else's library throughout the year. What a great storehouse of images, the everyday as well as the special events. He suggests that the individual library let the community and local newspaper know at the end of the year what has been taking place. A fun event might be a photo gallery of prints, complete with an opening night!

I once heard that part of the problem of the library is that we make it look too simple. Much of our work is out of sight; most patrons only see the public side of the library. Unless something goes wrong, the public is seldom aware of the complexity of the interactions that are necessary to make a seamless 'front end'. The library is a complex organism. Perhaps the 365days project will help us document that complexity.

ps - See the pool of photos here. At 9:00am central, there are 368 photos and 224 members.

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